Nani proves that he is as powerful as Ronaldo

Nani, a former team-mate of Ronaldo at United, has shown off his amazing muscles.

Nani, who plays for Major League Soccer’s Orlando City at the age of 34, still has the same muscle mass as 36-year-old Ronaldo.

This was confirmed by Nani with a photo of her exercising, and in the photo, Nani’s body is out of proportion to her size.

Nani, who played for United from 2007 to 2014, has been identified as a potential replacement for Ronaldo. Ronaldo and Nani were also teammates in the Portuguese national team.

Nani also played alongside Ronaldo on both the left and right sides of United’s win over Chelsea in the Champions League.

Nani has made 81 appearances for Orlando City. He has scored 30 goals. He had previously played for Sporting Lisbon, including Finabarchi, Valencia and Lazio also signed Nani. Valencia and La Oo are two teams that have never been in the spotlight.

Ronaldo has now returned to United and is being used as a key player for the club.