Paddy player exchanges kiss with Guardiola’s daughter in restaurant

According to media reports, midfielder Daley Ali fell in love with the daughter of Manchester City manager Guardiola over lunch.

The 25-year-old England midfielder exchanged kisses with 20-year-old Maria at a bar in London.Maria is also Guardiola’s eldest daughter. The photo was published by the Daily Mail and was filmed last Monday. He said he saw it in a restaurant called Novikov.

Media outlets have contacted the player and officials for the incident, but have not received any confirmation. Sources also said that Ali did not want to reveal details about his personal life.

The restaurant where Ali and I dated is one of the most popular restaurants among the famous athletes. It is also known as the favorite restaurant of tennis star Jokowicz.

Last February, The Sun reported that Maria and Ali were dating. They have been in love since April.

When the photos came out at the time, the two denied any “friends”, but five months later, the media was able to cover the photos of the exchange of kisses in public.